Tree Removals

Removals are not the only option! There are many was to save your Tree including cable and bracing, thinning for airflow and more! But, when it has to go, its got to go! Big or small, I am always ready for a climb! With my rigging experience and top-notch equipment, I can lower limbs down with such grace that we could land it on a glass table!

Cable and Bracing

When your beloved Tree is splitting apart and is in striking range of your house, removal is NOT the only option. Installing steel aircraft cable, and/or a rod, can provide you enough support to save your Tree while giving you the peace of mind that in the event it were to fail, it won't destroy your property.

Property Clearance and Elevation

The weather is beautiful and your yard is, well, being taken over by your neighbours Trees. Although we have to keep the health of the tree in mind, you do have the right to enjoy your yard. I can help you by trimming on your side while still maintaining the natural look of the Tree. Waking up to branches smacking and overhanging on your roof? This is a great way to grow moss and fungi up there and seriously shorten the longevity of your shingles. I'd love to help!

Hedge Trimming

Looking for yearly hedge trimming from someone who specializes in Trees? We provide love & care for hedges of all sizes!

ISA Certfied Arborist

Need help with permits; or anything to-do with Trees, that requires an ISA Certified Arborist. Contact me below. Please note Distinctive Trees 50cm diameter at breast height or larger need a permit; and must be in decline, pose a high risk and/or a justifiable reason for removal.

Mulch Delivery

Get mulch delivered to your doorstep. Beautify your garden easily and conveniently. Freshly chipped & filled with life. Installation Extra