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ISA Certified Arborist
London, Ontario & Surrounding Area

"Grow Strong and Proud, Go out on a Limb, Remember your Roots & Drink Plenty of Water." Advice from a Tree

Thank you for choosing Wright's Tree Care; a small locally grown company right here in London Ontario.

For over a decade I have been climbing & caring for the trees of the Forest City. It has become my life’s passion, being able to work outside in my community, breathe fresh air daily and soak in the summer sun; even dance in the spring showers & watch the fall leaves blow in the wind and yes, even freeze during the winter while we help everyone get the winter storms debris off their homes & cars.

I am an ISA Certified Arborist and am qualified to complete your Arborist Reports. This Certification is earned when proof of knowledge has been completed, primarily focused on Tree Science. Along with my ISA certification, I am also a Certified Wilderness First Responder, an 8 Tonne Crane Certified Operator and am Ariel Lift Certified. I am a graduate of the Arboricultural Co-op and Urban Forestry Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College.

All Tree consultations are 100% free with no obligations to book instantly. This allows you to gain the information you need and hire the Arborist you enjoy working with. We are fully insured.

I guarantee a very safe and positive work environment and that nothing gets missed. I am onsite leading the crew MOST of the time and am the primary climber for large jobs.

***Please contact the Office Wizard (Debbie Wright aka; My Lovely Mother) to book your Consultation at 519-319-5890; Debbie will not be able answer questions in-depth.

***Please contact the Arborist(Shaun Wright) to ask Tree Related Questions at 226-378-3633; Shaun will most likely be up a tree without a pencil.

Tree Removals

Removals are not the only option! There are many was to save your Tree including cable and bracing, thinning for airflow and more! But, when it has to go, its got to go! Big or small, I am always ready for a climb! With my rigging experience and top-notch equipment, I can lower limbs down with such grace that we could land it on a glass table!

Cable and Bracing

When your beloved Tree is splitting apart and is in striking range of your house, removal is NOT the only option. Installing steel aircraft cable, and/or a rod, can provide you enough support to save your Tree while giving you the peace of mind that in the event it were to fail, it won't destroy your property.

Property Clearance and Elevation

The weather is beautiful and your yard is, well, being taken over by your neighbours Trees. Although we have to keep the health of the tree in mind, you do have the right to enjoy your yard. I can help you by trimming on your side while still maintaining the natural look of the Tree. Waking up to branches smacking and overhanging on your roof? This is a great way to grow moss and fungi up there and seriously shorten the longevity of your shingles. I'd love to help!

Hedge Trimming

Looking for yearly hedge trimming from someone who specializes in Trees? We provide love & care for hedges of all sizes!

ISA Certfied Arborist

Need help with permits; or anything to-do with Trees, that requires an ISA Certified Arborist. Contact me below. Please note Distinctive Trees 50cm diameter at breast height or larger need a permit; and must be in decline, pose a high risk and/or a justifiable reason for removal.

Mulch Delivery

Get mulch delivered to your doorstep. Beautify your garden easily and conveniently. Freshly chipped & filled with life. Installation Extra

  • London, ON, Canada

Please Contact Debbie at 519-319-5890 to book your FREE Consultation & Shaun at 226-378-3633 for Tree Related Questions

Wright's Tree Care is proud to present our new company "Homely Helper". *Mulch Delivery & Installation - Power Washing - Yard Cleanup - Garden Designs* When us Arborist don't do it, Zac Chenier surly dose! Click "Learn More" to visit HomelyHelper.ca & Book your Estimate -Over Seen by Wright's Tree Care Inc- 

Mulch Delivery & Installation

Professional and efficient mulch delivery and installation to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

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Power Washing

Our Power Washing service will make your exterior surfaces look brand new.

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Garden Design

Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and tranquil oasis with our Garden Design service.

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